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To Be More Successful, Start Living by the 2-Week Rule

Here at Frontline 561 we all have huge goals we want to achieve. Yet very few people achieve their goals.

Maybe that’s because we assume our individuality means we need to create and shape a unique process designed to achieve a goal. After all, you know yourself better than anyone.

Or not. Most of our limits are self-imposed. You can always do more than you think.

That’s why the plans and processes you create for yourself rarely work. You’re willing to work hard–but not too hard. You’re willing to work long–but not too long. You’re willing to push yourself–but hey, you’re not going to go crazy.

So you start slow. You start soft. You start with a mental safety net.

And within days, the resulting lack of progress forces you to confront the huge gulf between here and there, between where you currently are and where you someday hope to be, and the renewed willpower and determination it will require to keep pushing forward.

Which is the moment, and the reason, we usually quit. Not because you didn’t want it badly enough. Not because you don’t have the mental toughness. Not because your goal wasn’t important or meaningful or worthwhile.

But because you started slow and soft and safe.

And never gave yourself a chance.

Next time, try this. Find a person who has done what you want to do. Who started a business. Who ran a marathon. Who lost 30 pounds. Who achieved a level of financial freedom.

Find someone who won’t sugarcoat the effort involved, and will tell you that if you want to build a business, your first day will require making 40 cold calls. That if you want to run a marathon, your first day will require running-walking three miles. That if you want to achieve a certain level of financial freedom, your first day will require cutting every discretionary expense to the bone.

Find someone who will lay out the process.

And then commit to following that process for two weeks.


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6 Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Here at Frontline 561 we know having a solid, trusted brand is important for your company to thrive. If your target audience doesn’t know or trust your brand, how will you ever increase your customer base and sales? Here are six innovative strategies you can use to increase brand awareness and help your business thrive.

1. Get influencers to display your art or other product.
Inviting influencers into your niche is a great way to increase brand awareness and hopefully drive sales. When influencers have an established audience that knows and trusts them, once they mention your product(s) and discuss your brand in their content, those mentions will expand your reach and increase people’s awareness of your product.

Ikonick is a perfect example of a company that works directly with influencers: It sells canvas art for your home and office. The way Ikonick uses influencers involves providing them with art and having those influencers pose with the art, then share the photos on social media.

“Our relationships are an important part of our business,” co-founder Mark Mastrandrea told me. “Our relationships make up our community, and the community is how our brand grows.”

Ikonick uses all types of influencers, from Instagram photographers to celebrities. The company’s social strategy has enabled it to scale and grow exponentially because its influencers become part of its sales team — even ambassadors. The relationship is mutually rewarding, Mastrandrea said.


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